Training and Familiarization Trips to Popular Destinations
Destination Training presents Washington, DC
The Washington DC Training course will help you lead tours confidently, prepare you for the DC Guild's entrance exam, and help you become both familiar and proficient at leading tours during the busy spring student tour season. Due to the complexity, crowds, and logistics, you must be familiar with the layout, and where things, are, in order to compete with all of the other groups that are trying to be in the same places.  Please note that the itineraries below are subject to change, but I try to stick as closely as possible to what you see below. Entrance fees covered. 

DC 101 - US Capitol, Library Of Congress, Madison Building food court, Supreme Court, Grant Statue/group photo, Botanic Gardens, locations of Smithsonians and other important structures nearby, Washington Monument, WW 2 Memorial, Einstein Statue, Viet Nam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial, DC WW1 Memorial, MLK, FDR, Jefferson, Federal Bureau of Printing and Engraving, Holocaust, Dept. of Agriculture, Arlington, Air Force.  Cost: $150.

 Note: includes study booklet for DC Guild exam. Minimum of 6 to run.

DC 102 - Newseum, National Building Museum, Carmine's, Joe's, National Portrait Gallery, and American Art Museum, Madame Tussaud's, Ford'sTheatre, Petersen House, White House, LaFayette Park, Blair House, Old Executive Office Building, Corcoran Gallery Of Art, Octagon House, DAR, Red Cross, OAS, JFK Center, shuttle back to subway. 
Cost: $150 Minimum of 6 to run.

DC 103 - Georgetown, National Zoo, National Cathedrral, National Harbor, Alexandria, Mt. Vernon
Cost: $150 Minimum of 6 to run.