Training and Familiarization Trips to Popular Destinations
2017 Training Trips

New Fam Trips for 2017

New York City
February 25th (2pm) to February 28th (2pm)

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Bob Brennan: Experienced Guide and Teacher

I am offering trips to NYC and DC, as the passengers and the industry do insist that guides know where they are going, and what they are talking about. These cities are complex. Once a person has visited a region at least once, they MAY be in a position to lead a tour there. Visiting two or three times before guiding is better yet. We are all different in our learning capabilities.

The Fam trips visit the most frequented sites in a region, and provide subjects for commentary, which can vary substantially, based upon one's interests, areas of expertise, and what the focus of the tour is.

The North American continent has many places where training could be offered, but New England, the Northeast Corridor, The National Parks, the Pacific Northwest, and the Deep South stand out as regions that are exceptionally busy at certain times of the year in the industry. As a result, I plan to focus primarily on offering training in these areas. I rely on local experts for much of the information you will be learning. Timing, vendors, attractions, commentary, and more will be contained in each training session, without overwhelming the participants.

While there is a lot to cover, it is important to be fresh and open to learning, so consideration is given to some downtime, and funtime. These trips are also a great way to network, a valuable way to expand one's opportunities. It is a plus for the over the road guides to meet the local guides, so that a better tour experience can be enjoyed by all.