Training and Familiarization Trips to Popular Destinations
2018 Training Trips

March 17 - 19, 2018

DC 101,   DC 102,       DC 103
       $125       $125          $125     

$75 discount if taking all three days. 

The Washington DC Training courses DC 101,DC 102, and DC 103 will help you lead tours confidently, prepare you for the DC Guild's entrance exam, and help you become both familiar and proficient at leading tours during the busy spring student tour season. Due to the complexity, crowds, and logistics, you must be familiar with the layout, and where things, are, in order to compete with all of the other groups that are trying to be in the same places.  Please note that the itineraries below are subject to change, but I try to stick as closely as possible to what you see below. All Entrance fees and transportation costs covered. 

Please call me at 315-759-9913 to discuss and/or register.

Fall dates:   October 27,28,29, 2018


Bob Brennan: Experienced Guide and Teacher

I am offering courses for DC in the spring and fall for both new and experienced guides in the spring and fall. We are all different in our learning capabilities. These courses help you become familiar, confident, and proficient in a short period of focused time.

I have been a full time tour director/manager/guide since attending ITMI in Boston in 1995. I realized many people were being blocked from employment in this city because of difficulties with familiarity,knowledge, and test requirements. So, I decided to build a course that offered both mental and physical learning to facilitate the process of becoming a guide in DC. These courses also involves a fair bit of walking.

The  DC Courses visit the most frequented sites in the region, and provide subjects for commentary, which can vary substantially, based upon one's interests, areas of expertise, and what the focus of the tour is. We also cover coach routing, parking, pick -ups and drop- offs, food venues, and ,of course, where the bathrooms are!

Courses are limited in size and will be offered twice per year, in the late fall -  after fall foliage season, and and early spring - before the busy Mid-Atlantic student season . A minimum of 10 students must be registered and paid two months before class start date. Please do not make travel or accommodation arrangements before that time, unless you are able to cancel without penalty.