100 % success rate for the last 4 years !


  Sept. 6 to 9, 2015

Study materials are sent hard copy in advance.

These are the latest and most complete materials available. If testing, we test on Monday am, September 7, 2015

Note: 6 or more students required to run the program.

2016 NYC Course

100 % success rate !
MARCH 5-8, 2016
Includes lodging !
Note: 6 or more students to run the course.
Learn the Niagara Falls region on both sides.
It is legal and encouraged for Americans to have a license. Must take a written exam annually - currently $65.

Familiarization trips to popular destinations
Metis Licensing
Familiarization Trips to Top Tourist Destinations!
  What, or rather who, is Metis? (Click to find out)
Metis: The Greek word Metis meant a quality that combined wisdom and cunning.  Also the name of the mother of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration.

Bob Brennan:

Experienced Guide and Teacher

Need help getting your  New York City, or Niagara Falls, Canada tour guide license?  The process for getting your license for any of these cities can be confusing and appear very challenging.  The instructions available on the official websites can often be far from clear and how do you know what you need to study?

Your Friend on the Inside
What you need is a friend who knows the way through the paperwork and how to prepare for the licensing test.  Bob Brennan is an experienced and, where required, licensed guide for the above destinations and he is ready to help you. 

The Right Stuff
Bob keeps track of all the latest licensing requirements and procedures.  He regularly interviews people who have recently taken and passed the licensing or certification tests.  From their feedback, he has assembled and maintains a thorough study guide. 

* Due to a recent ruling by the US Court of Appeals DC Circuit, a person no longer needs to test in order to obtain a license, but he or she MUST STILL GET A LICENSE from the DCRA: Department Of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs