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MARCH 5-8, 2016
Includes lodging !
Does not include license class or license fee.
License study class ( 3 hours ) , transportation to test site, and license fee is an additional $150.
The fee covers, lodging, transportation, admission to Fury, IMAX, lunch at elements, and dinner in Toronto at the CN Tower.
Learn the Niagara Falls region on both sides.
It is legal and encouraged for Americans to have a license.

Please note the study info is on their website, and can be done on your own.

This is primarily a fam trip of the region, including Buffalo , Niagara-On-The-Lake, and Toronto. Those wishing to go for their license as well will be taking a class one evening, and will be taken to the tesing site. 

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Bob Brennan:

Experienced Guide and Teacher

Note: Due to the current " misguided "  effort to eliminate testing for basic knowledge as a requirement for licensing, I have decided to discontinue licensing programs for the near future in New York, DC, and elsewhere. The Niagara Falls , Canada Fam trip ( with optional licensing , will continue ). It is unfortunate that cities are unable to insist that new and experienced guides be knowledgable about their areas of expertise, as it will now require that the marketplace weed out the people that are not qualified. In time, America may catch up to Europe in this regard, where Blue Badge guides, with extensive knowledge, are required to test before guiding, and guiding is a respected profession.