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Metis: The Greek word metis meant a quality that combined wisdom and cunning.  Also the name of the mother of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration.

Bob Brennan:

Experienced Guide and Teacher

Need help getting your Washington, DC, New York City, or Niagara Falls, Canada  tour guide license?  The process for getting your license for any of these cities can be confusing and appear very challenging.  The instructions available on the official websites can often be far from clear and how do you know what you need to study?

Your Friend on the Inside
What you need is a friend who knows the way through the paperwork and how to prepare for the licensing test.  Bob Brennan is an experienced and, where required, licensed guide for the above destinations and he is ready to help you. 

The Right Stuff
Bob keeps track of all the latest licensing requirements and procedures.  He regularly interviews people who have recently taken and passed the licensing or certification tests.  From their feedback, he has assembled and maintains a thorough study guide. 

           The DCRA is a Washington Bureaucracy, and as such, it is difficult to schedule your test date and time immediately after the course. While every effort is made to do so, the bureaucracy can be unwieldy. The DCRA tests for 18 separate programs on 8 computer consoles Monday through Friday. Three separate entities are involved in the process - DCRA, Pearson Vue, and PSI.
DCRA - Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, is located at 1100 4th St. SW.
Pearson Vue is a professional company that processes the initial application until it is complete; then submits to DCRA for approval.
PSI is a company in Las Vegas that schedules the exams in the DCRA Monday through Friday, at 9,11 and 2 pm. Tests are administered on a first come/first serve basis after an application has been submitted and approved. This process takes 3 days to four weeks. A person must test within 20 days of approval, and if unable to, may apply for an extension, once the 20 days have expired.  I am setting up a committee with the DCRA and the Washington, DC Guild to attempt to smooth this process for future guides, especially those who are not local.

Please note- When you apply through me, I can help you prepare for the exam, but I cannot guarantee a test time or date. I do try to time things so that you can test soon after the course, but that is extremely difficlut, and you may have to return a second time in order to obtain your license.

All course fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, but you may take a future course at anytime.

In the event you must return later to test, I offer a 2 hour one-on-one phone or Skype tutoring session to refresh your memory just before the exam.
              Upcoming Classes: 2014
Prices for DC and NYC course only - lodging, food, transportation, etc are additional.

Each course costs $495.

NYC License                         June 15-17
NYC Fam                                June 17-20

DC License                           June 22-24
DC Fam                                  June 24-27

NYC License                          Nov. 12-14
DC License                            Nov. 16-18
DC Fam                                   Nov. 18-21